ROBOTEX 水工機械のロボテックス

ロボット・自動搬送ライン・枠組織・カットマシン tel 06-4303-7681 〒547-0005 大阪府大阪市平野区加美西1-11-2








Model OT-2400(1800)-3-C
Frame Size Length 200mm〜2430mm(200mm〜1830mm)
Inner width/ thickness Inner width 170mm〜900mm・thickness 8mm〜50mm
Capacity 8 stations Frames shorter than 1200mm (900mm)→14(16) pieces/min
4 stations Frames longer than 1200mm (900mm)→7(8) pieces/min
Tucker Machine TA-35A with long-magazine
Staples 300 staples, J-line 1006〜1013J
Speed Gears with inverters 8〜28m/min
Voltage / Air capacity 2Kw/3φ・200V / 400NL/min  more than 7kg/u
Installation size Width 2000mm ×length 5500 (4900)mm × height 1500mm
Weight 2300(2100)kg

Hopper Sizes

@ Rail A feeding Up to 20〜100mm
Rail B feeding Up to 20〜60mm
Rail C feeding Up to 20〜60mm
A Rail AB feeding simultaneous-drop Up to 90mm
B AB feeding minimum distance Up to 80mm
C feeding minimum distance Up to 40mm
C Rail: left Up to 20〜120mm
Rail: right Up to 20〜100mm


1.Staples both sides→ Staples both sides simultaneously while clipping and holding the material together for stronger frames.

2.Strong enough for large panels and thick items(doors, closets, room dividers)

3.Easy to operate Tuckers: Long-magazine style (300 staples), with low-price staples

4.Rail-provider device → With A・B・C, three different types of hoppers.


1.Stock-hopper device for A・B provision→ Insert and store 10 or more times as many rails/stiles.

2.Machines for small frames (doors) or large frames (house partitions).

3.Dog-setting device→ The chains can be set digitally without using the sample frames, faster and more accurate dog setting (data from up to 64 frames can be stored, dog inserted manually).

4. Other options : fast set-changing, computer control setting, etc.

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