ROBOTEX 水工機械のロボテックス

ロボット・自動搬送ライン・枠組織・カットマシン tel 06-4303-7681 〒547-0005 大阪府大阪市平野区加美西1-11-2








Model HM-2400(1800)-3-C
Frame Size Length 200mm〜2430mm (200mm〜1830mm)
Inner width/ thickness Inner width 170mm〜900mm・thickness 8mm〜50mm
Capacity 8 stations Frames shorter than 1200mm (900mm)→16 (18) pieces/min
4 stations Frames longer than 1200mm (900mm)→8 (9) pieces/min
Glue tank Robotex (hose-less, Direct Jet)・one per side
Glue(Hot-Melt) Ever-Grip. Normally #57/ other types available for other purposes.
Speed Gears with inverters 8〜28m/min
Voltage/Air capacity 5Kw/3φ・200V / 400NL/min
Installation size Width 2000mm × Length 5600(5000)mm × Height 1600mm
Weight 2900(2700)kg

Hopper Sizes

@ Rail A feeding Up to 20〜100mm
Rail B feeding Up to 20〜60mm
Rail C feeding Up to 20〜60mm
A Rail AB feeding simultaneous-drop Up to 90mm
B AB feeding minimum distance Up to 80mm
C feeding minimum distance Up to 40mm
C Rail: left Up to 20〜120mm
Rail: right Up to 20〜100mm



1.Hot-Melt (glue)→For a smooth frame surface, and level panel.

2.To prevent blade-chipping, no metal is used.

3.Stile-holding device→For a smooth frame without bumps(exclusive feature!

4.Direct Jet Hot-Melt gun style→No hose=no clogging, maintenance and trouble-free(exclusive feature!

5.With Dog-Setting device→The chains can be set digitally without using the sample frames, faster and more accurate dog setting (up to 64 frame data can be stored, dog inserted manually).

6.Rail-feeding device→With A,B, and C-three different kinds of hoppers.


1.Stock-hopper device for A, B →Insert and store 10 times or more of rails/ stiles.

2.Exit-Surface Tucker device→Braces the corners of large frames with staples.

3.Other options: various sizes of the machines, etc.

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