ROBOTEX 水工機械のロボテックス

ロボット・自動搬送ライン・枠組織・カットマシン tel 06-4303-7681 〒547-0005 大阪府大阪市平野区加美西1-11-2








Model HCR-2400-1-D-NC-Bind HCR-2400-1-J-NC-Bind
Material length MAX 2450mm MAX 2450mm
Cutting Width×Height Width 300mm×Height 150mm Width 300mm× Height 110mm
Width 260mm×Height 140mm m
Circular Saw Diameter MAX 455φ/150H MAX 510φ
Cutting time 6 sec/1cut ・time for 500mm-cut 5sec/1cutト・time for 500mm cut
Material height MAX 70m/min〜gear-shift possible(knob-gear) MAX 70m/min〜gear-shift possible(knob-gear)
Power Consumption 5.5KW/AC200V 6kg/cu 300NL/min 5.5KW/AC200V 6kg/cu 300NL/min
Installation size Width 2130mm×Length 6040mm×Height 1400mm Width 2130mm×Length 6040mm×Height 1400mm
Weight 1800kg 1800kg

Machine size: possible to manufacture up to 1800mm〜6000mm

A type:HCR-2400-1-D-NC-結束-(15)

カット部が走行→Cut up to Width 300mm×Height 150mm→ascend →return
Excellent performance with NC device・memory for 1000 processes.
9 different cutting sizes for one cut, and cut up to 99 times each per cut.

B type:HCR-2400-1-J-NC-結束-(15)

カット部がジュンピングのみ→width 300mm× height 110mm/width 260mm×height 140mm
Sequencer NC device、with Touch-panel・memory for 20 processes.
5 different cutting sizes for one cut, and cut up to 99 times each per cut.


Cross-Cut machine→ Can be operated at a safe distance from the blades.

Can be connected to an inkjet printer.

Connect with gang-line, molder-line, and running-saw for labor-saving.


Grip-width 15mm model

No wasted materials
Cutting system=precise positioning
Both-ends cutting= High accuracy for cutting sizes.

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